Sewing Peanut Babies to keep and share!



My daughter is really into sewing dolls and softies. So, I went looking for patterns out there that would be easy and I came across this one by Rachael Gander at

I loved how basic it was and how it just had some simple curves to follow. The original pattern had the bottom half of the baby bare and my daughter was not having any of that, lol. So, she wanted me to add a blanket, then she said she could pretend that the baby’s arm were tucked inside. I just drafted out 2 over lapping shapes for the front and one piece for the back to complete the blanket addition. The original pattern used pellon fusing to adhere the hair before sewing, but we just pins it on and it worked fine. Although, I am sure having the pellon fusing would have held everything in place great.

We hand stitched on the faces. My daughter did the closed eyes and I did the mouths and open eyes. We made a total of 6 dolls. She specifically designed 3 dolls just for herself. The others she designed to send to the hospice that she volunteered at this past June with my mother. We found out they like to give soft dolls to patients with dementia, as they revert back to their childhood. The patients find having a doll to hold comforting.

It was really fun to watch her pick the fabrics out of the scrap box to use. She was very intentional about every choice she made. She was also very concerned that we did not have fabric  more like actual people’s skin tones. Now, I just need to get them to the post office. She ask me everyday, when they will be mailed.

I have included a gallery of pictures from our fun sewing. I included the steps we took and I will also include the link to pattern. This pattern was a great beginner pattern.

Prepping to sew the dolls

Sewing the dolls

We sewed these together production style. We did all the hair, then the blanket fronts, and then the blanket backs. Next, we sewed on all the faces, and sewed fronts and backs together. Finally, we turned the inside out, and ladder stitched them closed.

Now, for the cute pictures of her with her  the dolls.

I hope that is will inspire you to sew and share!

You can find this pattern for a Peanut Baby  over at!!


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