Pin Free Fabric Cutting with Freezer Paper Patterns


As a modern sewer with limited time, I am always looking for was to improve my sewing efficiency, without effecting my sewing quality. I have found that using freezer paper patterns allows me to reduce a set or two when cutting out fabric, making pattern cutting pin free.

In my previous post PDF Sewing Pattern Prep Made Easy, I went through the steps that I take to prep my PDF patterns, at the end to told you, how I prefer to use freezer paper to trace the patterns. Now, I am going to show you why.

First it is important to notice that freezer paper has a shiny and dull side. You always want to do all your tracing and makings on the dull side of the paper.

The shiny side will be the part that is on the fabric it self.


Freezer paper’s shiny side will temporarily adhere to the fabric when it is ironed. This will hold your pattern to the fabric allowing you to skip the pinning and un pinning. If you have any markings that need to be made on the fabric the freezer paper easily pulls back from the fabric.

Here is a short tutorial of how I do this:


Now, wasn’t that easy and it really does save time. You can you the pattern over and over!

***I do caution you to test a same square of you fabric if using synthetics or expensive fabric. Just cut a small square of freezer paper and iron to on the fabric to test it.

Happy Cutting!!!




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