Kids Clothes Week Is Here!

kid's clothes week
How great is KIDS CLOTHING WEEK! I love the idea of committing 1 hour each day for a week to make something special for your child. What an amazing idea and it is exciting to join in. You can learn more on their blog


Why I sew


I thought I would start the new blog off with a post about what sewing means to me and why I sew.

For me sewing is like any other art form, it is the act of creating something that brings me back to my machine over and over. There are endless possibilities with sewing. The ability to sew allows you to make just about anything that you can dream. To me there is nothing more inspiring than the changing of shapes of fabric, as they are cut and sewn together. Creating patterns that are flat and lifeless and watching them take life and movement when sewn keeps me going and wanting to create more.


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