Student Guest Post:My First Experience Sewing With Addie


Before I started the fashion design program at The Art Institute, I had a little sewing experience. I had taken a class at my local community college that helped me learn how to sew tote bags, pajama bottoms, and curtains, but I was going to need more skills if I was going to be a real fashion designer.

Addie is helping me to improve my sewing and up my skill level. Since day one of my first quarter at AI, Addie has been really patient and full of every answer the students have had. It was hard getting used to the super fast industrial machines, but she kept assuring us that we would be able to finally become comfortable with the machines. I am close to being comfortable or slightly less unnerved by the NASCAR like speed. I still love and prefer the slow speed on my Singer at home, but I do love how the machines at school have more power to sew more fabrics.


She also helped make a sample book of sample seams, zippers, and buttons that we will use in the industry. Some of the samples in our book helped us make our skirt. The skirt really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I added pleats to the front of my skirt. They look amazing. I never thought I would be so proud of a design element. The only thing that I couldn’t get quite right was the dreaded stitch in the ditch. It didn’t seem too complicated at first, but actually doing it and doing it well takes some practice. I’m going to stay positive, and add that to the list of skills I want to perfect.


Every last one of us finished our skirts. Apparently that is feat not often accomplished in the first quarter. It might be because Addie makes class fun. The four hours usually go by way too fast because we are working really hard and having fun at the same time. I don’t think my class would have gotten as far as we did without her.

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