Essential Sewing Tools: The Basic Sewing Kit.

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This is a list of the items that I consistently use when sewing. They are the foundations of a sewing tool kit. In most cases, they will last a lifetime and are well worth the investment.   Although, most  are inexpensive. I have included pictures of some of my actual tools.


SEAM RIPPER- This tool will be your best friend while learning to sew and a good friend for as long as you sew. It has a sharp, curved edge for cutting seams open and a point for picking out threads. You will use it when you sew parts together incorrectly, example sewing the wrong seam allowance or sewing a right side of a piece to a wrong side.



SEAM GAUGE- This tool is a 6 inch ruler with a sliding guide/marker that adjust to specified measurement. It is indispensable when sewing hems, pleats, measuring seam allowances, and even button spacing.


DRESS MAKING SHEARS- This is an investment that is worth it. A good pair of shears will last you a life time.  These are great for cutting out patterns. The angle of  the lower blade lets fabric lie flat when it is being cut, greatly increasing accuracy.






TAILORS CHALK- This is used for making fabric in during construction and when making alterations. It comes in several colors. I like it because it is inexpensive and last a long time. They make a holder for it but I just use it as it is.




DRESS MAKERS PINS- These are the all steel pins. They come in 1″ and 1 1/2″. A lot of people use quilters pins with the round big heads but I like to keep it simple. Also, I use a magnetic pin cushion and the ball pins do not stick to it very well.





MEASURING TAPE- Flexible ruler typically 60″ long. Great for measuring bodies. Look for one with measurements on both sides.




IRON- You simply can not sew effectively without and iron.  I like to have one specially, for sewing that is different form regular household iron to  prevent from ruining any projects with residue left from another user. 

Thread – Thread comes in many forms all-purpose, 100 % cotton, rayon, metallic, etc. All-purpose thread is a blend of polyester and cotton and what you will use most.  Do not use  old thread.

Needles – keep a variety of sizes on hand (will explain in more detail in another post)



TRACING WHEEL AND TRACING PAPER-These are use to transfer pattern markings to fabric.





PINKING SHEARS– These shears are used for a quick and effective seam finishing. The shears cut a zigzag edge that is fray resistant.





ROTARY CUTTER- Thisis a tool generally used by quilters to cut fabric. It consists of a handle with a circular blade that rotates. This is great for cutting out smaller pieces especially children’s clothing.



SELFHEALING MAT- Special mat used with rotary cuter that is more resistant to damage. It typically has a ruler grid that comes in very handy when making bias tape and other items.

YARD STICK AND 15″ RULER- Please buy plastic or metal. These are great for all types of measurements and are more sturdy than a measuring tape. The are great to use with a rotary cutter.



MARKING PENS- Another handy type of  marking tool. These come in lots of color and are great for making markings on pattern pieces.






MAGNETIC PIN CUSHION- Magnetic square or rectangle that pins stick to. I like this tip because I am messy with my pins when I take them out and this makes it easy to pick them up.










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