Celebrating Student Work: The Art of Fabric Manipulation Fashion Show

I want to take the opportunity to share my students work, and write briefly about the experience of working with fashion students and planning a fashion show.

Teaching fashion design and fashion marketing can be an emotional experience. Teaching has proven to be an experience providing me with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There are some days that I actually have experienced them both. I don’t know if it is the emotions that comes with creative fields or the passion that comes with teaching something that I love. I recently experienced one of the greatest nights of my teaching experiences so far, and that was to see the talents of many of my students come together to create a wonderful fashion show. 

In the past year and a quarter, I have gotten to watch design students grow from their first sewing class into talented future designers equipped with pattern making and construction skills. It was absolutely wonderful to watch their designs come down the runway. During the same time period, I have also gotten to work with amazing marketing students with a deep love for fashion. It has been wonderful to watch them grow into leaders with the skills to put on a organized and thought through fashion show. That has received significant  positive feedback. I hope that these pictures and video will inspire you to bring your design ideas to life. You can accomplish a lot, in a short amount of time, with determination and passion.

More about the show:

My fashion show production class organized our schools first fashion show, featuring student work from our new fashion design program. My students conducted model calls, organized hair and make-up artist, planed staging, seating, promotion, worked with catering, and acquired sponsorships. This whole show was planned and executed in 12 weeks. The  show featured the collections of students nearing the end of the  program, as well as, other student designers. The collections class theme for the show was fabric manipulation. Each student based their collection of 2 ensembles on a type of fabric manipulation, which included draping, folding, smocking, grading, and felting. The first act of the show showcased stand out students earlier in the program. Please watch the student documentary below to see the process leading up to the fashion show.    The Art of Fabric Manipulation Documentary


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