Bonjour Beret Pattern and Tutorial

Bonjour Beret Tutorial by

This tutorial was inspired by my daughter’s fascination with France. It is a quick and fun sew. The pattern link is at the bottom of the tutorial.

Bonjour Beret Tutorial

Materials Needed:

3/8 of a Yard Micro Fleece

1/8 of a Yard Micro Fleece for contrast band


Coordinating Thread


Sewing Machine

Optional: Hand sewing needle for flower

Step One:   Cut out all pattern pieces according to directions on pattern
Step1beretStep Two: Band Construction


a-Pin and sew open end of band closed.

b-Press seams flat.

c-Fold band in half with wrong sides together.

Step Three: Attach Brim to Bandstep3a-c

a-Pin band to 1 piece of brim piece(piece 2) with right sides together.

b-Pin second brim piece to the other side of the band with right sides together, sandwiching the band between the 2 pieces.

c-Sew band and brim pieces together using a zigzag stitch, which will allow the band to stretch, when it is put on.


d-Cut notches in the seam allowance approximately every 2 inches.

e-Turn the pieces right sides out.

Step 4: Attach Beret TopStep4a-c

a-Pin Beret top(piece 1) to the brim layers with right side together.

b-Sew pieces together using straight stitch.

c- Trim away half the seam allowance.

Finished Beret: Turn Beret right side out.

finished beret

Bonjour Beret Tutorial

  Optional Flower Construction:


Use the circles left from cutting piece 2 to make a quick flower. Simply gather the pieces together in the middle of the circle and secure the thread on the back. Then just simply attach it to your finished beret.

You can download the PDF file by clicking  here.

Happy Sewing!



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