Do you love sewing or want to learn to love sewing?

Do you love quick and simple sewing projects that look great and fit your busy lifestyle?

Do you think about creating and making all the time?

Are you constantly trying to figure out how things are made?

 Then we have a lot in common.


Hi I’m Addie!

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I am a designer, busy mom, college professor, pattern maker, and dreamer.

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I love sewing and I want everyone who wants to sew to learn. That is why I have decided to share my patterns and skills with you.

After teaching 100’s of students to sew, I have learned so much about what works and doesn’t when learning to sew. I design patterns and tutorials that are clear, uncomplicated, and attainable. My patterns and tutorials are all designed so that they can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time, letting sewing fit into your life.

A little over a year ago, my fashion design students inspired me to make a decision to stop buying ready to wear clothing. From September 2013-March 2014, I only wore clothing that I made, with the exception of underwear and workout clothes. During this time, I was reminded of how much I loved pattern making and started thinking about sharing my patterns and tutorials online.

After that 6 months was over, I found myself donating the majority of my RTW, and started wearing a few of the item that I really loved but continued to not buy any RTW. Now over a year later, I have yet to buy a new clothing item other than underwear and socks.

One thing I realized during my challenge was that the patterns I designed had to be quick to sew to fit into my tight schedule of work and kids but look great. That concept is the basis for all my patterns and I can’t wait to keep sharing these patterns with you. Link to pattern page and tutorial.

Let meet up!! Please find me on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter . I would love to see what you are making.

Happy sewing!




Addie Martindale has been sewing for over 20 years. Starting in her teens with mild success she kept going back to it, until finally making it a focused in college. Addie has a bachelors, as well as, a Master’s in Apparel Design and Merchandising and interned with Betsy Johnson in New York, in 2002. Addie has been teaching people to sew for the last 10 years.