It’s Fashion Revolution Day!


If you have read much on my blog, then you may know that I have made the decision not to buy much new apparel. I only buy things that I can not make well, like under garments and shoes.  What you may not know is I spend significant amount of my time teaching students about retailing and fashion merchandising. Sometimes, I feel that this conflicts with some of my values, as a person and as a consumer, but it also gives me a chance to expose them to aspects of retailing they may have never considered.

This week we are taking part in Fashion Revolution Day. The Fashion Revolution movement started after the Rana Plaza collapse in India that brought light and awareness to the conditions of factories in Asia. Today, marks the anniversary of that event.

Earlier in the semester, I had my classes watch a documentary called Planet Money makes a t-shirt. In this documentary, they briefly discuss the event and show the process and miles it takes to make a simple t-shirt. They also expose you to wages, conditions, and really interesting insights into our global apparel system. If you have not seen it, you really should click on the picture below to watch it.



I only recently, did I learn about Fashion Revolution, when I went to see a documentary called Cotton Road. The documentary looks at the apparel supply chain and its many facets. It seeks to draw attention to the lack of transparency in our apparel supply chain and exposes all the processes from cotton farming, shipping, fabric weaving, the sewing of our clothes, and finally the clothes return to our stores. The documentary takes you into the lives of all the people, who are involved in the process in making our clothes. It exposes you to many insights, you might have never considered before when you went shopping.



Fashion Revolution wants you to ask this question to your favorite brands:WMMC_horizontal



You also have the option as a maker to share “I made my clothes”




The most important thing to do is to help make awareness! Let companies know that you want to know who made your clothing. Let them know that you care about those people working hard to provide your fashion. #whomademyclothes #fashrev


Here are just 2 of the great post by my classes and you can see it all using #usc265 on twitter!

We even got Chacos to show us who makes their shoes in MN. Click here to see it all!

So go ahead take a picture right now and ask your favorite brands WHO MADE MY CLOTHES?


Bias Ribbon Tutorial


I recently started making these for my 7-year-old daughter. She has decided that she is too old for traditional bows. So, we have moved onto new ways to accessorize her hair. I really love these ribbons more than traditional grosgrain or satin ribbons. First, because of the variety in designs you can have. Secondly, because this technique utilizes the bias grain of the fabric to make a somewhat stretchy ribbon that can be tied tighter around hair. This is great for my daughter’s fine, slippery hair. We have also discovered that the stretch of the bias allows you to use the ribbons, as headbands. This technique could also be used to make fun shoelaces, too. Bias fabric ribbons can be made at just about any length and this is a great way to utilize fabric project leftovers. The other great thing about this tutorial is it can be a no sew projects, as well as, a sewn one.


Introducing The Canny Tunic

Canny Cover

I am very excited about the release of my latest pattern The Canny Tunic. I originally designed this pattern for myself a little over a year ago, when I did my first  Six Month Challenge. I need a comfortable, quick to sew top that looked great. I have it in about 10 different colors. I love wearing it with skinny jeans or tights. It can be styled so many ways.  It is now available in sizes xxs-3x. It is sure to be an asset to you wardrobe and sewing pattern collection.


10 Minute Hand Warmer Tutorial


Hello Everyone!

What I have for you today, is a great last minute gift idea. These are really fun and really quick to make. It is a great project to do with kids for teachers and family. We will be making some this weekend.  What also makes them great is they are functional and fun and almost free to make. Most of you, already have everything you need to make them in your home right now.


Handmade for the Holidays Blog Hop

Hi Everyone, remember last week’s announcement about resliced by Jordan’s Handmade for the Holidays Blog Hop? Well, today’s my day! I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorite handmade gift tutorials as well as some of my favorite handmade businesses (and events that help bring them to you!).

hh blog hop image2


Washable Drawing Pad Tutorial



Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a tutorial that I wrote this summer for a feature on Sew McCool’s blog. These drawing pads are a fun and easy gift to make. So, I thought this would be a great time to reshare here at here incase, any of you that might be looking for some fun kids gifts to make(kids can make them, too).  Another great thing about this project is it could be done without a sewing machine.


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